Monday 20 June 2011

Begin at the beginning...

… yes, so many blogs begin with those words, but it fits. Why fight it?

You have, for one reason or another, found yourself on this here blog, which will play home to a challenge I have set myself.

I love movies. I own a lot of them, on VHS and DVD, and if there is one thing I love doing just as much as watching movies, it’s talking about them. As such, I have decided to start up this blog where I shall attempt to watch and review one film every day until I have watched every film in my collection… it’s going to be a while, and I’ll do my level best to be as consistent as I can.

Now, there won’t be any kind of special order in which I watch things, except for simply going in alphabetical order. Nor will there be any overall thematic or generic connection between them. I like all kinds of films, so I’ll be taking a swing at everything – comedy, horror, sf, melodrama, TV movies, silent films, documentaries, short films, etc. Besides, it’ll help to keep things fresh if I constantly change it up.

I should also add that just because they’re all films I own, doesn’t mean I like them all. There are many films that I have because I wanted to see them, but missed them at the flicks. Others I got because they looked interesting and they were cheap. Others because you’re “supposed” to see them… and they were cheap. Others were just gifts. So, as we go along this filmic journey, I’ll be taking the good with the bad.

Finally, whilst I don’t think I necessarily need to say it, I will anyway. Everything I say about these films will be my opinion. Objective criticism is good, and should always hold some amount of sway in whatever you’re writing. However, film is, like any art form, subjective. If you try to disconnect yourself emotionally from what you’re watching, you’re cheating yourself and the film, and so you have to be able to approach things subjectively. That said, I’m not someone who believes that there is no such thing as good or bad in film. There is. There really is.

Anyway, that’s enough of all that. Onwards with the project and that means, well, beginning at the beginning.

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